Our Story

The Hobbs Family


We here at The Farmer’s Barn are part of a family that has been involved with farming for multiple generations.  Spanning over 50 years, this experience and knowledge about farming has allowed us grow produce that we feel is some of the best and healthiest you can get.

About 15 years ago, we started giving the extra vegetables and produce from our garden that we didn’t need to family, friends, and those in the community.  It wasn’t long before they were telling us how much they loved our produce and how great it tasted.   Since that time, we have continually grown a little more each year and our reach continues to expand.  In the last few years, we have become known for our delicious sweet corn and amazing sweet potatoes.  Many customers that buy from us come back within a few days to get more because they see how great the vegetables are and how good they taste!

In 2015, we made a change and became “The Farmer’s Barn.” This change came about as we pursued a dream that we have had for years and that is to invite children to the farm experience.  We are still offering the same great produce as we always have.  However, The Farmer’s Barn is now much more than just great produce.  We have now expanded to offer families a place to get away from the rush of life and to enjoy good, clean fun on the farm.  We now offer an annual corn maze along with many fun attractions such as a tube-slide, tire mountain, duck races, cow-train, zip line, animals, and many other fun activities.  Stop in and give us a visit.  We will help you “get lost” in the fun so that you can make memories that will last a lifetime!

Thank you to all who have grown with us over the years,

Mickey, Peggy, Nicky, Carrie, Olivia, and Caleb